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Congratulations Beth

Posted on June 08 2017

A couple of weeks ago, HOAX ambassador Beth Leighfield became English National Champion in the Girl’s Under 18 Longboard division.

Whilst this is an incredible result in itself, Beth also made the final of the Women’s Open too! 

Now that the dust has settled a little, we thought we would catch up with her quick to find out a bit more about the win and also about the rest of her competition season…

Firstly, huge congratulations on the win. How does it feel to be English National Under 18’s Longboard champ?

BL: As my friends will taunt me for saying, “I’m pretty stoked” and it’s my last year competing in the junior division so it was good to take the win.

Did you feel confident going in that you could achieve a good result?

BL: I have been trying to surf as much as possible in between revision for exams and so was hopeful going in, but with surf comps you never really know so I just tried to surf my best. 

Well that approach clearly worked for you. What were the conditions like for the contest? Did they suit your style?

BL: Day 1 was 2ft and clean, so it was super fun longboard waves to start the contest. Then day 2 was a pretty chunky 5-6ft which proved challenging on a longboard to say the least, haha.

We can imagine! It must have been awesome to get 3rd in the Open division too…

BL: I never expected to get that result. It was the first time I have made it into the Ladies final and I was really happy to be there.

You should be really proud! How does this result set you up for the rest of the contest season?

BL: It was certainly the best start to the season that I could have hoped for. I am looking forward to the British Longboarding Union competitions and am really lucky with the brilliant surf scene we have in Bude.

And finally, is there anyone you want to give a shout-out to?

BL: Big thanks to Skindog Surfboards (loving my new Wrangler single fin model), West Country Surf Wax and of course HOAX for all of their support and encouragement. 

Nice one Beth, we look forward to keeping an eye on your progress over the rest of the season!

You can learn more about Beth and shop her favourite products on her Ambassador Profile Page here:



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