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Creator Series Part One - Paul Vogel and our first shirt.

Posted on March 10 2017

If you think creating a check shirt is simply a case of picking a design off a set of swatches and then fashioning it into arms and collars, then you, like us, are very wrong.

We love a good check, but until we really started thinking about it for this, the first in our creator series, we didn't truly appreciate how they were designed. Enter Paul Vogel, you may not of heard of him, but if you've buttoned up a shirt from Armani, Stussy, Volcom, Paul Smith, Patagonia, Hurley, Quiksilver even one of many mainstream high street companies, then the chances are the design, that original weave, came from his creative mind.

So how did this world renowned fabric designer come to design our new check shirts, and how does the process work. First up, there is just a runway that separates Hoax HQ and Paul's studio, we're both at home on an ex- USAF base in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. So the connections of proximity were made, and despite having a client list as long as your arm, Paul was more than excited to make a check for us. Paul comes from a  background of woven textile design, that means he started off life on a loom creating his designs from the individual threads, old school now, but looking at the still fully operational machines there is a certain tactile beauty about the weaves he is turning out on them. The Hoax check though came from the most modern of techniques, from a modern computer program, that whilst not as tactile, but incredibly realistic, and allowing a lot more tweaking than an old school machine. Jason, Vaughan ( head honchos at Hoax), and Paul spent hours pouring over different checks, and with the input from ambassadors Archie Carter and Ed Sheeran ended up with the beautiful design you can now see. The colour was debated, but in the end red and blue were plumped for, and then the design finds its way to a fabric weaver with the help of production coordinator Gabby Shiner-Hill, who creates the cloth. It is then brought to London, cut, stitched, buttons added and the first Hoax shirt becomes a reality.  

Sounds simple, but that's largely down to having a designer like Paul steering the ship. Now they are out, on Eds back and all our other ambassadors, it's off back to Paul's studio for next winter's design. You Can Get One HERE

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  • Micky: April 18, 2018

    Love you and your beautiful collection of designs!

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