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Ten classic lineups in Britain

Posted on September 15 2016

There is nothing quite like a classic British lineup, whilst we all dream of warm perfection it's home that really strikes a chord. Here's ten of our favourites by friend and photographer Tim Nunn

1. Porthleven

The jewel in Cornwall's surfing crown, it rarely breaks, and is even rarer to have conditions like this.


2. Fistral

Britain's most famous beach break, right in the heart of of surf city Newquay, it has a reputation for crowds but also some of Britain's best waves.  

3. The Cribbar

Mythical big wave spot, rarely ridden, but the ultimate challenge for any aspiring big wave surfer in Cornwall.  

4. Croyde

Cornwall has Fistral, Devon has Croyde, and although no Cornishman would admit it, at low tide with the right swell Croyde is probably the best beach break in the south west.


5. Yorkshire

This left-hander is hardly secret anymore but it's name should never be uttered in print, if you're up for it it's cold, only breaks in the frigid winter not eh east coast and gets insanely crowded.


6. Outer Slab Yorkshire

If crowded heavy waves are not your thing, then there are many more remote north sea slabs just waiting to be ridden.  


7. Thurso

Cold water Nias, the best wave in the UK, neither are really correct but Thurso certainly deserves to be up there, but respect the local crew they are tight knit and have the wave dialled.


8. Bag Pipe

If Thurso is the perfect right in Scotland, then Bag Pipe is the perfect, if a little shallow, left. Breaking over a classic rock slab it is not for the fainthearted and you better be able to backhand tube ride if you're a regular footer.  


9. Tens

The heaviest wave in the UK? Most probably, this barely rideable slab of rock is a wet nightmare, but rewards are high.  

10. The Dump

Fickle, but insanely perfect, this knook on the Scottish coast is hard to score but epic.


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