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The history of Hoax

Posted on September 12 2016

If you grew up in East Anglia in the nineties and skated or surfed you knew Hoax.

The skate shops were an oasis of all things skate and a little bit of surf in a wilderness of boardsports. Spanning Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk they were simply the only place to go for your boarding needs and cemented themselves in the psyche of the area. Out of the shops, which sold multiple brands came the Hoax clothing and Skate hardware line, these flourished in the noughties and you were as likely to see someone rocking a Hoax Tee in an East Anglian Skatepark as you were any big brand. Then came the financial downturn of '08, and like all industries the boardsport world contracted radically. This wasn't going to be the end of Hoax of though, the brand survived through this period, re-grouped and came out having evolved into a surf and skate clothing label, building on the past but now becoming a truly UK wide brand. It draws influence from both the rich surf and lifestyle scene in the UK whilst not losing its skate roots. Hoax are building on not just being a t-shirt and hoodie company and are bringing out a full apparel line over the next 12 months, but true to our roots, we are not forgetting the stuff we need to do what we love. We have a full range of custom surfboards available, as well as a range of decks and full setups for skaters. It's a new dawn for Hoax, and with our hearts in Surf, Skate and music we are building a brand which will reflect what it means to be a part of boardsports in Northern Europe.   hoax_1


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