Ten ways to keep you busy during isolation! #HOAXATHOME

We asked our Instagram followers in what ways they are going to keep themselves active during this isolation period and we had some interesting responses. We found some recurring themes, such as playing instruments, cleaning and going for walks. The most exciting response was the prospect of the HOAX team receiving some post-apocalypse jam samples, how yummy.

I decided to get creative and explore some of the ways in which you can keep yourself active and entertained. 


     1. Learn to play an instrument

Do you have an old guitar or trumpet sitting around the house? Pick it up. You can learn by watching free YouTube videos or by making use of tutors who are currently offering their services to online platforms such as Skype and Zoom! There are plenty of services out there to assist you with your learning, give it a go.

However, be respectful of neighbours and other members of your household, although we're sure you'll sound great, no-one wants to hear banjo progression at 4am, people still need to sleep and could do without a headache!

        2. Cook 

Though I'm sure everyone has limited supplies at this current time, getting creative in the kitchen is one way you can kill time and enjoy more succulent meals. It's an important skill that you can take with you through life. After all, once you know how to slow cook a marinated lamb joint (or veggie equivalent), there's no looking back.

     3. Become a filmmaker

One of the most beneficial things an amateur film maker can do is to get a camera/mobile phone out (no matter how expensive) and use it endlessly. The more restrictions you have can ultimately make you a better filmmaker as you have to negotiate and make artistic decisions. A good and achievable practice is to take part in the boring room challenge. The aim is to create an interesting short film set in an ordinary room within your house, enabling your creative side to thrive regardless of the setting you are in. This challenge was originally created by YouTube filmmaker Brandon Li.

       4. Exercise!

One of the measures put in place by the UK government this week is the ability to exercise once a day during this isolation period. Getting out of the house and being active can help you to keep a clean mind and maintain fit and able. Go for a bike ride, kick a football around, skate around the block a few times, anything to get you out of the house for a while. 

      5. Get crafty

Covid-19 or not, HOAX illustrator George spends a lot of his free time sketching. Pick up a paintbrush, grab your colouring pencils, paper mâché etc., get involved  with the HOAX sticker competition (see more here) which requires your artistic abilities! 

       6. Decorate the house

As a team, we work tirelessly to offer you the best product and customer service and therefore our houses can be neglected. We know that busy schedules can prevent you from maintaining your beloved homestead. Spend some time this quarantine giving your decor a spring spruce. A lick of paint or a deep clean can do the world of good for you and your home!

        7. Reading

What better way to spend your time, than to broaden the mind or expand your knowledge by reading those books you never got round to opening! You might surprise yourself how much you enjoy reading and it may become a part of your daily life outside of isolation. 

         8. Video games

Though we wouldn't advise playing video games all day, it can be a way of keeping yourself occupied for short periods of time. Video games are readily available on your mobile, laptop/desktop and consoles with prices varying.

         9. Listen to new music

During our working day at HOAX, music is a big part of keeping us sane and focused. There are tons of artists to stream at your fingertips, most of which you wouldn't have discovered previously. Using streaming platforms you can find your new favourite tunes to quarantine to. 

        10. Bake cakes & Deliver them to: 

HOAX, Unit 4, Dales Court Business Centre, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 4JR United Kingdom. 

We love baked goods.

Stay safe and stay indoors!  

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