Looking for the ultimate challenge in surfing? Then one of these is your ultimate wave.   hoax_52 1. Pascuales, Mexico: If Puerto Escondido is not enough of a challenge, then Pascuales will be, a shifting, monstrous beach break, no channels, a dodgy backwash, but huge pits.   grav2 2. La Graviere, France: It's one of the most classic beaches on the planet, and although it works less often now, when it pumps it provides the ultimate challenge in Europe.   cold_burleigh3 3. Unstad, Norway: Way up above the Arctic Circle is a right-hander so perfect, surrounded by mountains and wildlife, it's one of the best cold water waves on Earth.   trestles2 4. Trestles, California: It's the ultimate surfing skate park, if you can get a wave.   drac2 5. Dracula's, Morocco: It is a little fickle, and the sand on this point has to be just right, but when it is it's an epic righthand barrel.   timmy_turner_walk 6. The Right, Iceland: With one of the most awesome backdrops in surfing, this right-hander in Iceland is one of the few places where you can surf and snowboard on the same day.   indo 7. Kandui Left, Indonesia: If freight train barrels over razor sharp coral are your thing, then this is one of the best waves in the world.   wave_behind 8. Kandui Right, Indonesia: If freight train right-handers over razor sharp coral are more appealing, then Kandui right is the place to be, just a boat ride from the left.   slab 9. The Slab, Canada: We can't say where this is, but if you like wilderness adventures and living with bears, this is your wave.   lapiste 10. La Piste, France: Perfection, when it's on.